more leads
more clients
more profit

Automated customer service, customer satisfaction measurement

Measure your clients' satisfaction! Build a succesful strategy, based on your clients' opinions!
React immediately to complaints! You don't lose a client, if you react quickly!
Leads become clients! There's no lost lead, if you use!
Build a succesful team! Make your business more transparent and efficient!
Spare money with us! Spend money developing your services, don't invest in costly IT-solutions!


Channel your leads into the sales process! You'll be noticed automatically when a lead comes and you can follow the activities of your marketing staff.


React immediately! Don't lose your clients! You'll be noticed automatically about comp-laints and  you can follow-up its management


Measure customers' satisfaction via email or phone. You can check the results on charts by month and by employee!


  • which enables you to find new clients, keep your existing clients and improve the quality of your services
  • which enalbles you to automate the process of lead- and client-management
  • enables online weekly reporting

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News, updates

Jun. 25.

Use in english!

May. 03.

Resend your survey automatically!

You can improve rate of answers and reduce your phone bill!

Feb. 22.

Don't bother your clients with unnecessary questions!

Use conditional questions!

Nov. 09.

Now you can feature surveys on your website or on Facebook!

Start a Google AdWords or Facebook campaign and get new clients!

QERDES.COM services

Automated management of leads and complaints, executive reports

Automated workflow management depending on answers in queries and immediate email on leads or complaints to the appropriate user

Automated query and weekly task report on employees for managers

Unlimited number of users

Customer satisfaction measurement and newsletter solutions

Mass sending and automated resending of bespoke queries and newsletters to selected email addresses

Filling out queries manually and by phone

Embedded queries

Landing page function

Mailer-daemon management and collecting unsubscribers

Unlimted number of multilingual queries and newsletters

Monthly graph charts with filters

Cumulated and monthly graph charts sorted by employees and products

Send, click-through and fill-out statistics

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