more leads
more clients
more profit


With you can communicate with your leads, clients, employees and suppliers easily, quickly and effectively

Selected employees learn about new information with the help of automatically selected tasks

Executives can track the tasks, leeways and query results of their subordinates through weekly reports, which are available online or via email


Here are some examples, where can really be helpful for your business:

Query/form embedded into a webpage, assigned to a button:

  • asking visitors on the look and usability of the website
  • sending a complaint
  • signing leads to events (e.g. production tests)
  • obtaining orders
  • managing messages
  • Using surveys at outside locations, exhibitions (utilizing smartphones or tablets)

Marketing campaigns

  • creating professional newsletters with embedded queries/forms and creating individual emails by using uploaded data   and macro functions
  • signing leads to events (e.g. production tests)
  • obtaining orders
  • checking user data
  • registering unsubscribers

Client, network, supplier communication:

  • Phone and/or email customer satisfaction measurement
  • additional production marketing, cross marketing
  • Notice on debts

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